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Has the mysterious fundamental particle been discovered in LHC?

The discovery was made after physicists spotted unexpected spikes in the data from two LHC detectors. (Getty Image)

We are going to talk about something related to the LHC project. Therefore it is necessary to get some knowledge about the LHC or Large Hadron Collider.

What is LHC?

It is the most powerful particle accelerator of the world. The project was initiated on 10th September, 2008 and is being carried on under the CERN. When we take a view on the structure of the collider then we can see a huge 27 kilometer ring which works as the superconducting magnet along with many accelerating structures that are used to boost the energy of the particle of interest to go a long way.  

Now let’s go to the inside of the accelerator. Inside it there are two high energy particle beams which travel with the speed of light until they collide with each other. The particle beams travel in opposite direction to each other in beam pipes which are kept at ultrahigh vacuum. The temperature of inside is kept at -271.3°C for chilling the magnets. In this case the liquid helium is used as the refrigerant. This is something what the LHC. Now let’s check the purpose of doing such expensive project.


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The purpose of LHC project:

  • The physicists have been trying to know the answers of some basic questions about the origin of the planet. And for this purpose they have been searching for if there is any fundamental particle in the nature.
  • They are trying to get the answers about the elementary concepts about space and time; and the correlation of quantum mechanics and general theory of relativity because till now the basic knowledge about it is not so clear and that is why they are trying to discover if there is any fundamental particle in the nature.
  • There is another reason also. The scientists are trying to get the data regarding the high energy particle which might help to understand the acceptability of the current hypothesis about the basic assumptions of physics.

The recent discovery:

  • Let’s come to the present story. The members of the Compact Muon Solenoid and the ATLAS detectors working together with LHC in Switzerland are claiming that they have got a specific signal of a totally new particle.
  • They are expecting that it would help to discover the awaited fundamental particle of the nature and we are now on the hope that a new theory would be presented before the people of this planet. The scientists have actually got an excess pairs of photon particle which in turn could be originated from the decay of heavy particles after the collision.

The unpacking of thoughts:

  • However it is not clear till now that what the particle is or what the type of the particle is. We have just got a light of hope from the recent experiment. The scientists told that it would be verified if only more data would be got from next experiments.
  • Therefore we have to wait some more days to get the fully verified result. According to the report the signal was got after the experiment of LHC in June this year when the particles were collided with each other with high energy levels of 13 Teraelectronvolts or TeV.
  • It is to be noted here that this much of energy was the record breaking value till now. Till now we have been acquainted with the particle named Higgs-boson. And after that we are expecting that we would be provided with new knowledge of a completely new fundamental particle.

How the experiments are done?

  • Let’s see the mode of experiment. According to the scientists of the project two proton beams with extremely high energy are collided with each other which form many small particles caused by the energy and mass fragmentation process.
  • The scientists then back-track the data and estimate if there is nay new fundamental particle is formed. Because of the reason that the protons and other particles are quantum in nature, the physicists have to use the statistical analysis to get the result. Therefore is long running experiment and we have to wait for some more time to know the nature of the recently discovered signal in LHC.

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