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Happy World Photo Day 2016: Why do we celebrate World Photo Day?

Pick up your camera on World Photo Day. ©iStockphoto.com/Paha_L

The soft click of the camera, a flash of light and a moment in time captured forever. Maybe digitally, maybe on film, the medium is never as important as the memory or moment caught. A group of people, a sunset, or even a fish jumping out of the water, a photograph is a way to feel the emotion and context of that exact moment. Celebrate that, on this picturesque Photography Day! The 19th of August is celebrated as World Photo Day all over the world. It’s Time to wish u all a very Happy World Photography Day 2016. This day has been seen as an International photo competition day that “celebrates the passion for photography in our communities”.

The first World Photo Day was observed on Aug. 19, 2010. It is described on their twitter handle as “An international event held on August 19th that embraces a passion for photography and it’s ability to inspire communities.”

History :-

Every year the World Photo Day is celebrated on August 19th because as this day is in 1839 that the French Academy of Sciences announced to the world the Photographic technique which is known as the daguerreotype, which is one of the first kinds of it’s in the world. This day also marks 177 years since the invention of photography.The French individual namely Louis-Jaques-Mandé Daguerre, who has developed it and hence it named as a daguerreotype.

Photograph :-

The photograph originally was made by Nicéphore Niépce, using silver chloride coating a piece of paper. However, the photo would eventually turn fully dark as he knew no way to remove the silver chloride from the paper to preserve the photo. Photographs got better and better over the years, first with the ‘still camera’, and the ability to take a picture that way. Think the old west in America, and that camera’s differences to the ones of World War 2, then compare them to modern cameras.


The major jumps in technology affected photography as much as any other facet of life around the world. With Kodak, Canon and so many other brands out there, it was of no surprise when the market of photography got such a jump, even more so with the military and surveillance capabilities offered as cameras got better, lighter and more easily used. Yet for all the innovation and creativity, science and even the large amount of art that occurs in the photography realm, not much can beat the simple pleasure of snapping photos and developing your frames to enjoy the integrity of the photos.

A Hobby of Many

Cameras and photography went through a lot of technological innovations in 20th century. Today, the availability of affordable and high quality digital cameras has made photography a widespread hobby.

How to celebrate Photography Day

Why not go out and snap a few pictures yourself? Find an older camera, and enjoy the feel, and look, of 35mm film. Walk around and snap some pictures to preserve the time in photographic form. Make a collage, which is a mixture of pictures, sometimes cut into different shapes than the usual rectangles of photos. Go snap some wildlife, either in the wild or at a zoo. Maybe some family photos wouldn’t be out of the question; and you could even use them in the yearly holiday cards in place of the stock sitting stills. Or go see a museum about photography, if you have one nearby to visit. Many museums have cameras in them, and some even explain the use of photography in major events worldwide.

How do you think they get the pictures of these events anyways? With a camera of course!

FAVELA BY THE SUNSET This photo was taken while crossing a favela towards the airport in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil. The sun sets on the favelas!
This photo was taken while crossing a favela towards the airport in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil. The sun sets on the favelas!

We are at such a time in the era that everything we do revolves around taking out our phone and snapping a good memory. The main motive behind this day is to inspire millions across the globe to share their love photo with one purpose- “to share their world with the world.”

The whole point behind this is to understand the life of someone through their lenses. We wish you a Happy World Photo day and we hope that you too become a part of the world with your photos. So click away, upload away, and here’s wishing you Happy World Photo Day!

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