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Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for MSMEs in India

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Country’s young scientists and engineers are exploring new possibilities in the country with the help of new technology. Many scientists have taken such initiatives in the fields of water and energy which will prove to be beneficial for general public’s health.

One such initiative Global Cleantech Innovation Programme is engaged in dealing with climate change and is getting support from MSME Ministry.

New technology is necessary for development and progress but more often than not, this new technology brings many types of problems too along with it.

Industries and factories do increase employment opportunities but industrial smoke and waste have become a major problem. They are a big cause of pollution and climate change. To deal with these problems and develop new technology, UNIDO and Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises has started Global Cleantech Innovation Programme.

Eight countries of the world are part of the Cleantech Programme which focuses on building clean environment through clean energy, waste management and proper utilisation of water.

Apart from India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Armenia and Pakistan are also part of Global Cleantech Innovation Programme in India. Entries were invited to identify the most promising entrepreneurs to launch sustainable clean technology ventures.

Scientists & entrepreneurs put forward the merits of their projects. Now two teams from India have to go to California to further advance the Cleantech Programme. If scientists are able to bring in good quality products based on new technology, it will be a big achievement.

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