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Tobacco Products Will Have Plain Packaging Now


31st May is the World No Tobacco Day or WNTD celebrated by the WHO every year. This day is celebrated to aware the people for the health risks of tobacco and to reduce the consumption of this deadly item. The World Health Organization makes the requisite policies to reduce the tobacco consumption on that day also.

(Image Courtesy: Google)
(Image Courtesy: Google)

The plain packaging for tobacco products 

For the World No Tobacco Day of this year, the WHO has taken the resolution to make the standardized product packaging for all countries and to do so all countries have been asked to follow the guideline. Why the plain packaging is important? When you reduce the extravagant look of anything, then it becomes less attractive to the people and the WHO also is following the thought.

When the packaging of the tobacco would be simple, it would become less attractive and people would be less interested to the product. At least the experts expect this. In the plain packaging the brand promotion, labeling, advertisements would be plain or diminished so that the people would not become allured to the product. In the plain packaging there would also be control over brand logos, colours, and so on. According to the news, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) has recommended the manufacturers to follow the guidelines to Articles 11 and 13 regarding the plain packaging.

Some important facts regarding the plain packaging

It has already been seen the interest on the plain packaging. Let’s take a look:

  • Australia is the first country who implemented the plain packaging in 2012.
  • After that in 2015, Ireland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and France passed the laws in favor of the plain packaging.
  • More countries are in queue to implement the law.

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