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The Touchpad Of The Future Will Fit On Your Wrist

The touchscreens of the future. (Image courtesy: Google)

The smartphones with big touchpad have become an integral part of our lives today.

Whether it is accessing information, communicating with other people, playing games on the go or watch movies, smartphones have made life easier.

But every new invention needs upgrading at regular time intervals which can keep the product relevant.

The smartphones are no exception to this rule. The biggest inconvenience with smartphones these days is their bulky size.

To address this issue, many scientists are working on stretchable screens which can be integrated with the human body.

The Touchpad of the Future:

A team of researchers from Seoul National University in South Korea  have created a highly stretchable touchpad.

It is made of soft and transparent hydrogel containing lithium salts and can be used to write words and play electronic games.

Hydrogels which are already used as tissue replacement and healing wounds can be easily applied to the skin.

Working of the Device:

A polyacrylamide hydrogel containing lithium chloride salts act as a conductor and help preserve water in the hydrogel.

The panel consists of a single layer of conductors and four electrodes – one on each corner.

Electrodes apply similar voltages, which forms a consistent electrostatic field throughout the system.

The pad can even be stretched to 1000 percent its normal area and still be used.

The team created a controller board to enable communication between a computer and the unique touch panel.

They showed the biocompatible gadget being used to play chess, video games, play piano and draw letters when hooked up to a computer.

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