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Frozen Embryos As Good As Fresh Ones In IVF Pregnancies: Study

Frozen Embryos
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A latest game-changing study has shown that, frozen embryos are just as likely to result in a successful pregnancy as fresh ones.

Researchers discovered the technique, considered ‘controversial’, was slightly more effective in terms of live birth rates.

“Frozen embryo techniques are growing in popularity in fertility clinics worldwide,” lead author Lan Vuong from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City said in a statement.

The new results were drawn from a trial of nearly 800 infertile women.

Frozen embryos resulted in pregnancies for 36 per cent of women – compared to 35 per cent in the fresh group, the study found.

Women in the study were given one cycle of IVF, where either a transfer of fresh embryos occurred, or all embryos were frozen and one cycle of thawed embryos occurred subsequently without the use of IVF drugs.

After the first completed cycle of IVF, ongoing pregnancy occurred in 36 percent of women in the frozen embryo group, and in 35 percent of the fresh embryo group.

An array of evidence has emerged in recent years to show that those embryos which have been thawed are ‘arguably better’.

The latest findings, led by Australian and Vietnamese researchers, offer more hope of making it the main option for IVF treatment in future.

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