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France’s Highest Court Overturns a Burkini Ban

Burkini Ban
The 'Burkini Ban' Controversy Image courtesy: Google

Today’s article would deal with some offbeat topic. It is about the ban of a dress in a country. I am talking about the controversy over the Burkini ban in France. We all know that France is one of the popular secular countries of the world. It is to be noted in this regard at the first stage of my writing that Burkini is a swimwear for the Muslim women. Now let’s enter the core section of the controversy.

What is meant by Burkini?

Burkini Image courtesy: Google
Burkini Image courtesy: Google

It is a special design of the swimsuit for the Muslim women.

A decade ago, an Australian woman of Lebanese origin made a special outfit for the Muslim women working on the sea beaches. It is a special outfit that lets the women cover their whole body while working as the lifeguards. Her design is being called as Burkini.

Actually, this word came from ‘bikini’ and ‘burqa’. However, burqas are mandatory only in Afghanistan. If you would visit French sea beaches then you rarely would see the women wearing Burkini. Most of the women found there sunbathing topless. Now it is important to know the reason of ban to wear Burkini.

Why has Burkini been banned? 

France is well known for its secularism in the western world. Last month a truck in Normandy killed 86 people in a pre-planned way. And an Islamic group claimed the responsibility of the incident with the intention to attack the western Catholic culture. After that, France has become more rigid to fight against any filthy religious revolution.

France's highest court suspends burkini ban in test case Image courtesy: Google
France’s highest court suspends burkini ban in test case Image courtesy: Google

On the other hand, the Burkini users have argued that this outfit is neither for the Islam nor against the secularism. But France is telling that this type of dress which is inspired by a religion could be a source of anger and fear of the general beachgoers.

Court Overturn Burkini ban

Burkini ban overturn prompted by social media protests Image courtesy: Google
social media protests on Burkini ban Image courtesy: Google

Last Friday, the highest administrative court of France has overturned the issue of Burkini ban. The court has stated that the bans are illegal.

But a majority of mayors who have banned burkinis in about 30 French coastal resorts are refusing to lift the restrictions despite the court ruling. But this refusal leaving the state facing a dilemma about how to react.

More than 20 mayors have defiantly kept in place decrees under which municipal police can stop and find any women in full-body swimsuits at the beach despite the ruling from the state council that the burkini bans are a “serious and manifestly illegal violation of fundamental freedoms”.

Prime Minister’s Point of View

Image courtesy: Google
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Image courtesy: Google

According to the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, this dress is just a symbol of enslavement of the women and it is against the liberty of womanhood for which France is fighting since many years.

Moreover, he also said that the Burkini is violating the century-old commitment to the country to secularism.

On the other hand, in support of those 20 Mayor, in a written statement on Facebook, Valls said the burkini was “the affirmation of political Islam in the public space”.

This view of the Socialist prime minister on Burkini ban issue has caused divisions within his party. It also insisted the political debate on burkinis to continue.

Opposition to the Burkini ban 

It is not true that all French people are for the ban. There are also oppositions.

Women protest against 'burkini ban' in front on French embassy - London Image courtesy: Google
Women protest against ‘burkini ban’ in front on French embassy – London,  Image courtesy: Google

The French Muslims are feeling stigmatized for the ban. Simultaneously, some negative opinions are coming from the police department as well. According to the police, this decision is totally vague and very difficult to materialize.

Some days ago an image came online where it was seen that police insisting a Burkini beachgoer to remove the vestment and this image became viral to increase anger in the society.

The woman is forced to remove her clothing by French police Vantage News Image courtesy: Google
French police forced the woman to remove her clothing Image courtesy: Google

Therefore the policy is now making the life of the country tensed.

Let’s have a look on political standings on Burkini ban

Benoît Hamon, a former Socialist government minister seeking the left’s presidential nomination, said on Sunday that the burkini debate was “targeting Muslims once again” and criticized Valls for supporting bans.

Image courtesy: Google
Image courtesy: Google

According to critics, this Burkini ban seems to be anti-Muslim agenda which is being taken for the next Presidential election.Whatever the issue is, the main problem remains for the peace of the country. Let’s see how it could be solved.

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