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Makar Sankrati: Bringing Days Of Festivity

What will I say about the festivities of India? All know that this country is full of festivals. Let’s take the current festival. Everywhere of this country the festival of Makar Sankranti is being celebrated. It does not mean that there is only one festival in this country. I was talking to a person who is very excited of the time when he would go to the Assam Bhawan to celebrate the Bihu festival. Like that there are many festivals for different religions and cultures.

Concentrate on Mumbai:

Lohri Celebration Image Courtesy: Google
Lohri Celebration Image Courtesy: Google

It is very difficult to a common man like me to talk about all festivals and the significance of them in the Indian culture. And it is also to be noted that I am not here to talk like an intellect. Therefore I am going to concentrate on only Mumbai. The city is ready to celebrate the coming weekend with Lohri, Uruka, Pongal and Makar Sankranti. All are very popular festivals here. And there is no need to tell that the Makar Sankranti is a celebration for all parts of the country. It is to be noted that all festivals said above are of winter season. Let’s take a look on the celebrations. The Lohri would be celebrated on Wednesday, the Uruka is also known as the Bhogali Bihu which would be celebrated by the Assamese on Thursday. On the other hand the Makar Sankranti and Pongal would be celebrated on 15th January.

Other festivals:

There are lots more in the festival list for the coming days. The Punjab Cultural Heritage Board lit the bonfire on Monday, however according to the report the main celebration would be done in Gurudwara Kalgidhar Sabha in Dahisar. There will be a mela like celebration and there will be 2000 people invited for the celebration. The popular makki roti, sarso saag, and so on would be in the list of delicacies. However these are not all. There are more to know, to relish. Let’s start your list quick and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Uttarayan :-

On Makar Sankranti, Sun travels from Southernmost point (Dakshinayan) to the northernmost point (uttarayan). On this day, people follow the rituals of taking a dip in holy rivers, and donating to the poor. Religiously the transition of Sun brings major changes for human being and the nature as well.

According to the Hindu scriptures the movement of Sun is two fold, Uttarayan and Dakshinaya. The word ‘Ayan’ means movement. The Sun moves from South to North during Uttarayan. According to astrology the six months period of the movement of Sun from Capricorn to Gemini zodiac, is called Uttarayan. According to Hindu Panchang the period of ‘Magh’ to ‘Aasad’ month is known as Uttarayan. Out of six seasons, the winter, spring and summer falls during Uttarayan. The duration of days starts increasing and that of night starts shortening during uttarayan.

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