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Facebook’s New Button To Aid Users Identify Fake News

Fake News
Image courtesy: Google

Facebook is testing a button that users can tap to access additional information about where the stories came from, in order to curb spread of fake news.

The additional information about a news article will be pulled from across Facebook and other sources to identify and remove false news.

The company’s new context information button adds relevant information to any linked article shared in your news feed and how the article is being shared on Facebook.

If an article lacks contextual information like a Wikipedia page, or lacks links to similar stories from other publishers, Facebook will alert users to the missing contextual information.

The new tool is there, according to Facebook, to help users “make an informed decision about which stories to read, share, and trust.”

The presence of fake news shared by Facebook itself has been an increasingly problematic issue after Facebook disbanded its human-powered trending news team.

The move is important in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting where Google, Facebook and Twitter failed miserably to stop publishing fake news on their platforms.

Currently, Facebook’s “Security Check” page lets people involved with disasters and accidents post messages for friends and loved ones.

In April this year, Facebook had enhanced the Related Articles feature and started showcasing these additional articles, including articles by third-party fact checkers, in a separate unit below articles in the News Feed.

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