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Emmanuel Macron Defeats Le Pen In French Presidential Race

emmanuel macron
The next President of France Emmanuel Macron. (Image courtesy: Google)

39 year-old Emmanuel Macron won France’s presidential election on Sunday, defeating the staunch nationalist Marine Le Pen.

Mr. Macron has never held elected office earlier and will be the youngest president in the 59-year history of France’s Fifth Republic.

Emmanuel Macron led an improbable campaign that swept aside France’s establishment political parties.

The results came as a huge relief to European allies who had feared another populist upheaval to follow Britain’s vote to quit the EU and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president.

With virtually all votes counted, Macron had topped 66 percent against just under 34 percent for Le Pen – a gap wider than the 20 or so percentage points that pre-election surveys had suggested.

Ms. Le Pen earned 10.6 million votes, close to twice the number her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, received when he ran a losing presidential campaign against Jacques Chirac in 2002.

Even so, it was a record performance for the National Front, a party whose anti-immigrant policies once made it a pariah, and underlined the scale of the divisions that Macron must now try to heal.

The election was watched around the world for magnifying many of the broader tensions rippling through Western democracies, including the United States.

Emmanuel Macron pledged to do all he could in his five-year term to bring France together.

After winning the first round two weeks ago, Macron had been accused of behaving as if he was already president.

The election results showed that many people chose not to vote for either candidate.

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