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Eat fiber-rich food to cut stress and anxiety

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If you want to reduce your stress then you should eat more pulses, wholegrain cereals, oats, and vegetables as consumption of high-fiber foods may help reduce the effect of stress, says a study.

The authors explained that stress can cause major changes in the gut and also in our brain which in turn affects our behavior.

Foods rich in fiber was found to reduce this adverse effects of stress in mice.

The findings suggested that a gut bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which are the main source of nutrition for cells in this region of the body and high levels of fibers stimulate the production of these SCFAs

For the study, published in The Journal of Physiology, the team fed normally produced SCFAs to the mice and then subjected them to stress. They were assessed for anxiety and depressive-like behavior, stress responsiveness, cognition, and sociability as well as how easily material passes through the gut.

The results showed that increasing levels of SCFAs reduced the levels of stress and anxiety-like behavior among the mice.

The investigators also explained that stress experienced over a prolonged period of time can affect the bowel by making the barrier between the inside of the gut and the rest of the body less effective and “leaky”.

Treating the condition using the SCFAs can also reverse the “leaky” walls inside the gut, said the study.

The research provides new insights into mechanisms related to the impact of the gut bacteria on the brain and behavior as well as gut health.

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