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Diwali Gift For Passenger From Indian Railway

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There is good news for the Indians regarding the Indian Railways. The train passengers of India are going to get a surprise gift in the coming Diwali eve.The Railways has told that they are going to upgrade the Indian trains by the Diwali occasion and this will be the great gift for the Indian people. Old coaches will be changed with new one; the service will be better, and so on.

The new designs of the coaches

The newly designed fresh coaches are ready and these have been done at the workshop of Bhopal. According to the report the new designs have been done with the help of the National Institute of Design. The prototypes have been tested already and the result is very positive and it is being claimed that the Indian train passengers have not experienced that type of fresh coaches before. In Diwali we can see all new coaches starting from sleeper class to AC-I. Most of the times, the passengers complain about the service provided and the type of accommodation. The new coaches will change all dimensions of berths and even of the toilet fittings. There will be more spacious sitting arrangements for the passengers.

Brief of the design

The upper berths will be made more efficiently and these will have ladders to get on easily. There will be bottle holders and other necessary accessories of high quality. The main irritation of the passengers is come from the toilets. The Rail division is claiming that they have redesigned the toilet arrangements so cool so that the passengers will not get any trouble. The illumination of the coaches will also be redesigned. In a nutshell we will be going to be gifted with the advanced and fresh coach arrangements which will make our journey comfortable. However before going to make the coaches rolled on the track, Indian Railways will discuss about the designs with designers from countries including China, Japan, Spain, Germany, England, Australia, and Italy on coming Friday and Saturday. The subject of the discussion will be “Rail Coach Interiors: Innovation,Safety, and Comfort”.

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  1. Well it is the most aesthetic way adopted by Indian Railways and should be wholeheartedly welcomed by the passenger public in the coming days.

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