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Are We Prepared for an Emergency? Major threats for India

It is clearly evident that there are increasing chances of various threats being increased in India at much rapid rate. The threats even includes the natural calamities like flood, earthquake, tsunami etc. These natural calamities require great human attention for their protection against such calamities.

These threats increasing in the case of businesses too in the coming years. This report is based on the study over the physical security, environment and precautions taken among the corporate sectors in India.

Various potential threats to the corporate organization, their remedies and cures. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Awareness about the security issues

American University Analysis. (Image courtesy :- google)
American University Analysis. (Image courtesy :- google)
  • This report also highlights the awareness and the security issues are on the rise. The results predicts that there is a immediate need for overhauling the security standards and also the regulatory framework.  Currently there is quite less confidence among the general public with regard to facing the natural disasters which includes earthquakes and even floods.
  • The report by the PwC which is titled Public Security Environmental Survey 2016 is been examined with regard to the recent trends and corresponding developments in the domain of physical security in India. It is also assessing the key issues and challenges which are being faced by the security professionals.
  • About 96 percent of the respondents felt that there is quite an urgent need for most of the organization to recheck at their business strategy for effectively responding to the natural disaster.
  • About 73 percent of the respondents feel that natural security issues has increased during the period of past two years and would also be continuing to increase in the upcoming two years.
  • According to the data released by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), about more than 58.6 percent of the land mass of the country is prone to earthquakes of moderate to very high intensity.
  • About 40 million hectares of the land is prone to floods and erosion by the river.

Various Security Threats mentioned in report:-

  1. About 5,700 km out of the 7,516 km of the coastline is prone to the cyclones and tsunamis. Even India is vulnerable to the chemical, biological, radio-logical and even nuclear emergencies and even the other man-made disasters.
  2. Report is also highlighting the fact that India is placed 143rd over the global peace index which is lagging behind the likes of the Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and even Bangladesh.
  3. Dinesh Anand who is the partner and leader of the Forensic services, PwC India says, “While we have very little control over occurrences such as floods, earthquakes and terror attacks, we do have control over the ways we can safeguard our businesses and people against them. It’s high time that we pay attention to the potential physical security risks and do something about them.”
  4. Over the positive side, the report is suggesting that the respondents have acknowledged that there is a paradigm shift over the perspective of leadership and also towards the risks of the security and more power has been given in the case of physical security function.

Leadership of the Organization

  • According to the study, 71 percent of the respondents felt that the leadership of their organization will be risky to the strategic importance over their businesses.
  • Even 46 percent of the organization surveyed in India has conducted a physical security risk assessment once in a year, while only 17 percent of the organization has conducted the same monthly, whereas two percent of the same has never conducted a physical security risk assessment.
  • About 62 percent of the respondents felt that security function is being treated at the same level as in the case of other business functions which includes human resources and facilities.
  • The survey also includes the views of the security professionals which belongs from the corporate India, and was prepared in collaboration with the American Society for the Industrial Security (ASIS) Mumbai chapter.

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