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Climatic Changes: Caused by humans for almost 180 years

Higher amount of climatic change caused by humans since last 180 years. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Global warming is one of the common global phenomenon which is being faced by human in today’s competitive global scenario. Global warming is mainly being caused by the pollution due to higher amount of industrial revolution being taken place globally. Keeping this in view quite many of the findings has taken place which could possibly control the impact of the increasing the global pollution over the environment.

human-induced climate change. Dr Nerilie Abram (left) and Dr Mark Curran (right) looked at ice. (Image Courtesy: Google)
human-induced climate change. Dr Nerilie Abram (left) and Dr Mark Curran (right) looked at ice. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Research project: Climatic change by humans

An international research project is being undertaken which has found that human activity is highly causing the increasing pollution and global warming for a duration of almost two centuries. It is the human induced climatic change and is not just being the 20th century phenomenon.

Lead researcher and the associate professor Nerilie Abram who is from the Australian National University (ANU) says that the study has found that global warming has begun during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. It was first observed in the regions of Arctic and tropical oceans during the term of 1830s. It is much earlier than what scientists might have expected.

Associate Professor Abram who is from the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences and ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, adding to the same says, “It was an extraordinary finding. It was one of those moments where science really surprised us. But the results were clear. The climate warming we are witnessing today started about 180 years ago.”

Source: ANU TV – Youtube

Future impact of greenhouse gas emissions

Newer findings have important implications for assessing the extent with which humans have caused impact to the climate which is moving away from the pre-industrial state. It will be helping scientists for understanding the future impact of the greenhouse gas emissions over the climate.

Associate Professor Abram adding to the same says, “In the tropical oceans and the Arctic in particular, 180 years of warming has already caused the average climate to emerge above the range of variability that was normal in the centuries prior to the Industrial Revolution.”

Research is published in the Journal Nature which is involving 25 scientists from across the Australia, United States, Europe and Asia. They have been working together as a part of the international past global changes 2000 year (PAGES 2K) Consortium.

Examining the natural records

Anthropogenic (chiefly of environmental pollution and pollutants) originating in human activity was generally being talked about as the 20th century phenomenon. It was mainly because direct measurements of the climate was being quite rare before 1900s. Team has even studied the detailed reconstructions of the climate which is spanning the past 500 years for identification when the current sustained warming trend actually begun.

Natural records were even examined for the case of climatic variations from across the world’s oceans and continents. This particularly included the climate histories being preserved in terms of corals, cave decorations, tree rings and ice cores.

They have even analysed the thousands of years of the climatic model simulations. It included the experiments used by the latest report provided by the UN’s Intergovernmental panel over the climatic change (IPCC). Its main aim included finding out the main causes behind the global warming.

Early most onset of the global warming

  • Data and Simulations even pinpointed the early onset of the warming which took place around 1830s. They found that early warming was mainly being attributed to the rising greenhouse gas levels.
  • Co-researcher Dr Helen McGregor who is from the University of Wollongong’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences added that humans have only caused the small increase in the level of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere during 1800s.
  • Dr. McGregor adding to the same says, “But the early onset of warming detected in this study indicates the Earth’s climate did respond in a rapid and measureable way to even the small increase in carbon emissions during the start of the Industrial Age.”

Analysing volcanic eruptions

Even the major volcanic eruptions were studied by the researchers during the early part of 1800s and found that they were only contributing a minor factor over the early onset of the climate warming.

Early signs of the greenhouse-induced warming has developed during the term of 1830s in the region of Arctic and tropical regions. It was even soon followed by Europe, Asia and North America. Yet, climate warming is appearing to have been delayed in the regions of Antarctic. It may be mainly due to the way ocean circulation is pushing warming waters over to the North and even away from the frozen continent.

Researchers are hoping that this findings will be urging others for incorporating the twentieth century information into the future assessments of the human-induced climatic change.

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