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Champions Trophy: Batsmen will have a chip on their bat handle

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has tied up with Intel as Innovation Partners for the Champions Trophy 2017 and as a result, a new technological advancement for the game is set to be introduced in the tournament. A number of bats that will be used by batters in CT 2017 will have Intel developed chips installed inside the willow.

It will mark the first time anything of this sort has been experimented in the sport. This Champions Trophy is termed “Smart Cricket Tournament.” Using the chips Intel wants to transform the experience fans enjoy while watching the game and also create an aid for the coaches as well as the players to enhance their game further. 

Bats with chips

Chips placed in the bats will help the engineers track the movement of the players, it will be trailed by cameras and the data thus obtained will be analysed by the experts. Three players each from the eight teams will bat with the specially crafted bats.

The invention of a chip that will be inserted on bat handles to help analyse the game better exceeded expectations and in hindsight, may be viewed as a bold stab at evolution.

In an attempt to analyse batsmen better, this chip will be lodged on bat handles and then downloaded through a software, which will show images shot by the chip. The technology which will be tested by all teams participating in the Champions Trophy, scheduled to kick off on Thursday.

Every team has been asked to nominate two to five batsmen to use this chip. The three Indian batsmen who will benefit from this technology will be Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane and spinning all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin/Virat Kohli.

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