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Stay In A Capsule And Float To A Desert Island Overnight

Floating water capsule. (Image courtesy: Google)

Company has brought us the robotic dinosaur hotel which is adding another bucket list item to its resume. It is a floating capsule hotel.

Huis Ten Bosch is a company dedicated to next level theme parks and hotels. It’s none stranger to dream like experiences.

Video courtesy: b60 (YouTube)

Even one can thank the company for its dutch village theme park in Nagasaki, Japan. Yet there aren’t many details out in terms of how these capsules will be monitored. Yet the idea is something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

One can’t wait for seeing interior shots of the capsules. If everything goes according to the plan, newer capsule hotel design will transport you to a desert island. This island is quite filled with attractions.

Newer hotel capsules are going to be a part of the existing Huis Ten Bosch Dutch village park. Theme park is hoping to offer up these two-story capsules to visitors by the end of the year.

Projected cost for one night stay will fall somewhere between $260 and $350, according to Japan Times. Each one of them is sized for fitting four people which is perfect for one’s next family vacation.

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