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Bossaball: World’s Newest Extreme Sport

Bossaball: Newer sport being played by many sport enthusiast. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Bossaball is an exciting newer world sport which includes an exciting blend of sport, music and great fun. It is incorporating the elements of volleyball, football and gymnastics. This game is played over a specially designed inflatable platform which is integrated with the trampolines in the middle.

Although it is quite possible for playing bossaball without music but the Bossa Nova tunes which is usually setting rhythm of the game is a kind of one of the major feature of the sport. During the large scale events, this game is usually overseen by a “samba referee” who concurrently takes over the roles of the Master of Ceremony and DJ of the event.

Bossaball: Layout. (Image Courtesy: Google)
Bossaball: Layout. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Game: Origin and Development

This game was developed in between 2003 and 2005 by Filip Eyckmans. The use of inflatable playing surface and respective change in gravity is allowing for a range of techniques, team tactics and strategies.

This sport is being featured alongside the major events which not only includes the sport but also music, beach and town festivals. Quite few times audiences get awed by means of the players who are delivering “acrobatic infused” serves, shots and even fierce spikes along with much style and flair.

During the same time, the accompanying music is creating a festive mood for the spectators which are enthusiastically partaking over in the celebration. It is one of the relatively newer sport which was invented by Filip Eyckmans who is hailing from Belgium. Sport was officially being launched in 2004 and has been introduced in many countries which includes Europe, Latin America and Middle East.

Source: gustavo moreno – Youtube

Spread of Bossaball

This game is also taken off in countries like Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and even Brazil. Currently, Netherlands is being the only country which is having a major bossaball league. Bossaball was introduced in Singapore during the late 2007 by Mohamad Saifudin who is the founder of Bossaball Singapore.

During 2009, Singapore sent a team to participate in the Bossaball world cup which was held in Turkey. Other countries which participated in it includes Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands and Kuwait. Singapore is being one of the first countries which is actively promoting Bossaball over the community. This sport is also now included in the physical education lesion in some schools.

Similar to volleyball, the main aim of this game includes, to ground the ball over the opponent’s side of court. This is one of the relatively newer sport which is essentially a game of volleyball being infused with gymnastics and football techniques.

Player arrangement: Bossaball. (Image Courtesy: Google)
Player arrangement: Bossaball. (Image Courtesy: Google)

According to Bossaball Singapore, following are the official rules for the tournaments:

  1. It consists of two opposing teams each comprising of 4 to 6 players.
  2. Only one person is allowed in trampoline section over each side of the court.
  3. Each of the team is allowed upto five touches before sending the ball over the opponent.
  4. Player can use any part of the body e.g. hands, head or feet for touching the ball.
  5. Players are only allowed to touch the ball once with their hands. During the second consecutive touch from the same player is allowed provided player use other part of the body to hit the ball. Such touches are often referred to as “soccer touch”.
  6. One “soccer touch” is must in a rally of 3 or more touches.
  7. When the attacking shot lands in the inflatable areas of the opponent’s court, 1 to 3 points is awarded to the scoring team. This is done if the scoring touch was done using hand or other part of the body respectively.
  8. When the attacking shot lands over the trampoline section of the opponent’s court, 3 to 5 points are awarded to the scoring team. This is done when the scoring touch was executed using hand or other parts of the body.
  9. The game goes on until one team grounds the ball over the opposing team’s side.
  10. First team scoring 25 points wins the game.

Bossaball is quite physically demanding, yet exciting and having a whole lot of fun. Clinics and workshops were organized quite from time to time. If you were keen over starting on the Bossaball, you can make an appointment to drop by “Play! Bossaball @ Club Yuying” (47 Hougang Ave 1) anytime inbetween 9 am to 9 pm during weekends.

You can even call Bossaball Singapore 61006292 or mail at info@bossaball.com.sg for getting more information.

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