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Big Cats Face Same Threats As Extinct Ice Age Ancestors

Ice Age
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A latest study has revealed, big cat species face the same challenges as their ancestors that went extinct towards the end of the last Ice Age.

The species that are at a higher risk include, African lion and Sunda clouded leopard.

The team researched the cause of extinction of seven large cats from the Ice Age including four different types of sabre-toothed cats.

The study, published in journal Ecography, shows that the wildlife that went extinct during the period lost the greatest proportion of their prey.

The Reasons for Extinction of Ice Age Giants:

Big cats today face the same food shortages as their ancestors and without immediate action, the same fate could likely be inevitable.

Using a new global database called FelidDiet, the team uncovered the cause of extinction of several Ice Age giants.

The findings show that if these animals were alive today, on average, just 25 percent of their preferred prey still remain in the natural world.

Furthermore, the team believes this devastating loss of prey species was a major contributing factor to the extinction of these animals.

They discovered that if all the currently threatened prey species were to go extinct, only 39 percent of the African lion’s prey and 37 percent of Sunda clouded leopard’s would remain.

The paper ends with a grave warning that if this prey loss trend continues all affected species will face “a high risk of extinction.”

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