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BCCI: Six Months For Implementing Lodha Committee Reforms

BCCI has given six months for implementation of Lodha committee reforms. (Image Courtesy: Google)

In selection for the person for any particular post, specific decisions are required to be taken for any of the person to be holding any single position in the cricket board.

Some of the states like that of Maharashtra and Gujarat which are having more than one cricket association will be having voting rights based on rotation among this board of crickets.

BCCI's decision over Lodha committee reforms implementation. (Image Courtesy: Google)
                             BCCI decision over Lodha committee reforms implementation. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Recommendations by Lodha Committee:

Supreme Court accepted the recommendations made by the Lodha committee over the reforms to the BCCI.

It also includes bar over the civil servants and also for those which are below 70 years of age, from becoming its members.

It finally left it to parliament to decide of whether it should be coming under RTI and whether betting over the game should be legalised or not.

Recommendations done by the committee which was headed by retired Chief Justice of India Justice R M Lodha for having CAG nominee in the BCCI.

Bench of the Chief Justice J S Thakur and Justice F M I Kalifulla was rejected by the BCCI’s objection against recommendations of making one-state-one-vote.

It has even stated that Maharashtra and Gujarat which have more than one cricket association will get the rights to voting based on rotation of this cricket board.

Player’s Association:

It even accepted the recommendation that there should be players association among the BCCI and funding of the player’s association is accepted while leaving it to the board while deciding over the extent of funding.

Bench has even accepted that one person should be holding one post in the administration of the cricket for avoiding any kind of conflict of interest and even scrapping any of the other administrative committees in the BCCI after the CAG nominee comes in.

It has been left to the Board while deciding upon the existing agreement related to the broadcast rights and whether a franchise member should be in the Board for avoiding any kind of conflict of interest.

Bench has even requested for a three member panel which is comprising of the apex court Judge Ashok Bhan and even R V Raveendran for overseeing any kind of transition of the administrative structure over BCCI which has taken place within six months.

Various Reforms:

Apex court has even appointed Lodha committee on 4th January while recommending sweeping reforms and even administrative shake up over the troubled BCCI.

It has been suggesting that the minister’s should be barred from the occupying positions and a cap put over the age and even tenure of the office bearers and legalising betting.

Some of the state cricket associations former players which includes Kirti Azad, Bishen Singh and even the cricket administrators has approached the apex court while taking into regard of the implementation of Lodha panel recommendations.

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