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Ban Removed on painkiller “Analgin”

The Union health ministry withdraw the ban on painkiller Analgin and allowed it be marketed with certain conditions.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) will inform the doctors on how analgin needs to be prescribed as per the government notification.

Medical conditions for which Analgin can now be used

  • Severe pain or pain due to tumour.
  • To bring down temperature in refractory cases (not readily yielding to treatment) when other anti-pyretics fail to do so.

About Analgin

It is used as a painkiller to reduce pain and also as an antipyretic (drugs that reduces fever). Metamizole is the generic or pharmacological name of the analgin.

Reason for Ban

The drug was banned on 18th June 2013, stating that the drug impacts the immunity level of the patients.

Removal of Ban

Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB), the highest decision-making body on the technical matters in the Health Ministry gave a green signal for removal of ban. The DTAB members said that since the duration of Analgin treatment was only a few days and, therefore, its usage might be continued according to the approved indication.

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