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Bacterial Biofilms May Contain Pathogenic Properties


The microbiome in the human society has been a matter of concern from many years. The microorganisms live inside and on the human body and are responsible for different health issues. The scientists have found another big issue regarding the microorganism where it has been stated that bacterial biofilms are even present inside the water supply pipes. Therefore we have no chance to hide from them. They have spread everywhere.

About the publication

A paper regarding the issue has already published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology in 11th March where it has been mentioned that most of the major hospitals of the U.S. have the microbial communities in the water supply pipes. The study has revealed that the bacteria present there cannot be identified by traditional approach and this is the main weapon of survival for the microorganisms. A group of researchers of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Georgia Institute of Technology working in collaboration have found the bacterial biofilms, but could not say whether those are dangerous for the patients regarding the health issues. However, they have found some genes which might have pathogenic character. The antibiotic resistant feature is one of the pathogenic characters. It has already been promoted by the WHO that it is one of the major problems in respect to the health issues of the people.

How the study has been done?

The researchers began the study by culturing the bacteria got from 40 different shower hoses. The samples were taken from the waste removed from the hospitals. Then the researchers extracted the nucleic acid from the sample and examined the DNA sequences by the Next Gen Sequencing method. The data was sent then to the Georgia Tech where the doctoral student named Maria Juliana Soto-Girónanalysed the sequences against the known database. It has been found there that in the sample some of the pathogenic actions like antibiotic resistance are present. It has been stated that the novel species like Mycobacterium was found in the colonies for the first time it is closely related to the species named Mycobacterium rhodesiae and Mycobacterium tusciae. It is to be noted in this regard that the bacterial biofilms are resistant to the antibiotics like beta-lactam, aminoglycoside, amphenicol and quinolone. However, the bacterial biofilms need to be studied extensively to know the potential impact on the human health.

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