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Babies In U.K., Canada and Italy Cry More Than They Do In Other Countries

The research team gathered data from other studies on crying duration for almost 8,700 infants. (Image courtesy: Google)

A latest syudy has found that babies cry more in the U.K., Canada and Italy, while babies in Denmark, Germany and Japan cry the least.

Authors of the study in The Journal of Pediatrics compared the prevalence of colic — defined as crying more than 3 hours per day for at least three days per week — in babies during their first 12 weeks of life in different countries around the world, Reuters reports.

So what’s the Logic behind the study:

The study analysed data from 28 previous studies, which looked at nearly 8,700 infants, as well as the prevalence of the condition all parents and caregivers dread: colic.

The UK had the highest levels of colic — around 28 percent of one- to two-week-old infants in the study were colicky. Canada came in second place, and Italy came in third.

Denmark, Germany, and Japan were found to be the places where infants cry less often.

“Babies are already very different in how much they cry in the first weeks of life,” Dieter Wolker, one of the study’s authors, told Reuters.

The study did not determine a reason for the variation in crying time by country, but the scientists said there should be more research into potential cultural and genetic influences.

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