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Australian Lake Turns Pink In Colour

The Story Behind Australia's Pink Lake. (Image courtesy: Google)

A lake which is located in Melbourne has turned a brilliant, bright pink and has delighted locals. It was after a perfect storm of high temperatures and lower rainfall came into play.

Salt lake is in Westgate Park which is just off the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne’s centre. It can turn to a vivid pink or red color during the warmer months.

Parks Victoria says that the unusual color is down to a mix of high salt concentration, high temperatures and little rainfall. It is even affecting the algae in water.

Parks Victoria says in a Facebook post, “Algae growing in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake produces the red pigment (beta carotene) as part of its photosynthesis process and in response to the extremely high salt levels.”

Image courtesy: Google

Yet the view is beautiful while touching the pink water directly was not advised. Parks Victoria says, “Enjoy the views, but we recommend you don’t come into contact with the water.”

Westgate Park’s lake has turned pink several times during recent years which include in 2014 and 2015. During that time Parks Victoria advised, “There is no impact on bird life on the lake. There is no indication the bacterium is dangerous, but we advise people not to come into contact with the water.”

Lake will be going back to its normal hue when temperatures were lower and there is more frequent rain. Yet for now it will remain in the pink.

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