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Astroport Sariska: The First Astronomy Themed Resort in South Asia

Astroport Sariska
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Astroport Sariska, a small resort in the Aravali range in Alwar district of Rajasthan, has become the first astronomy themed resort in South Asia.

Astroport Sariska, just a five-hour drive away from Delhi, is a place for astronomy enthusiasts and lovers of nature without the hardships of camping involved.

The place claims to offer some of the best views of the galaxy. According to their Facebook page, it is also the first space and astronomy themed resort and activity center in South Asia.

Conceptualized and founded by an avid astronomer and wildlife enthusiast Sachin Bahmba, the resort is also the second most dark place in India.

The main attraction at the getaway is the evening and night sky observation.

It is one of the best places in India to gaze at the glittering stars with the darkest skies.

Other attractions include nature treks and bird-watching, with rare species of migratory birds to keep you company.

The resort managed on eco-friendly principles is just 16km from Bhangarh, a mysterious archaeological site that is famous for being haunted.

“Astroport in its larger view aims at providing employment or creating entrepreneurs in the field of astronomy. Astroports are fully equipped to execute these training and provide certifications that can be used later to earn a livelihood,” reads the information on their website.

The resort currently offers two types of accommodations,  Galaxia which houses two king-size beds takes up to six people at a time.  The total cost with meals amounts to approximately INR 13,000.

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