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Army jawans ransack police station

Army jawans from the Artillery Centre in Nashik went on a rampage on 14 January 2015; ransacking a police station and assaulting the staff, after an Army officer was booked by the Nashik police.

Course of action by police:

  • They booked over a 100 people who were involved. They will be arrested and treated as per the provisions of the law.


  • Over 100 jawans thronged the Upnagar police station, which is headed by Namrata Desai, and went on a rampage destroying property and attacking policemen.
  • The jawans were infuriated after one of their colleagues was booked by the police for obstructing policemen from performing their duty.

Reason for this rampage by Army personnel:

  • Ashish Bagul, an officer undergoing training at the School of Artillery, had gone to the Upnagar police station on 13 January night, to file a complaint.
  • He was accompanied by a friend and they had allegedly parked their vehicle in front of the police station gate.
  • Bagul allegedly entered into an argument with police personnel after he asked Bagul to move his vehicle.
  • The police subsequently filed a case against Bagul and his friend under Section 353 for obstructing an officer on duty. As per the procedure a case was filed and Bagul was handed over to the military personnel (As per the military¬†rules, offending personnel need to be handed back to the Army after the local police files a case.)

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