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Antibiotics: Misuse May Prove To Be Health Hazard

Danger of overusing Anti-Biotics. (Image Courtesy: Google)

With the advent of advance technology and increasing trend of online marketing in India, it is being accepted as much needful business throughout.

With this e-pharmacies are being launched which are allowing consumers to obtain medicines without prescription. This may risk the health and safety of the consumers.

Ignorant Over Misuse of Antibiotics:

If you are suffering from Cold, flu, Bronchitis and such diseases and are taking medicines without consulting anyone then you are one of those lakhs of ignorant fellows.

This includes risking their lives with a mere hope for getting immediate relief.

Antibiotic medicines are seen as a panacea for the variety of ailments, but its misuse increases the numbers of drug resistant germs.

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Thus it has emerged in terms of serious health problem across the world. According to the findings of WHO, antibiotic medicines are misused in Delhi over a large scale.

Medicine is not like the common commodity which can be consumed as per the consumer’s wish. One needs prescription from an experienced doctor for some of the diseases.

With the respective advancement in the e-commerce industry it has even entered into the healthcare space in the form of e-pharmacies.

Source: DD News – Youtube

e-Pharmacy Business Model: Harmful for Health

In a statement issued by All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) president J S Shinde, “E-pharmacies in whatever form or model, now operational in India, are unlawful and current set of law does not allow to operate them. It may cause hazard to public health as medicines can’t be compared with any other common commodity.”

AIOCD has even demanded that the Drugs Controller General (India) needs to notify quite immediately for stopping online drug trade and saving the public from this particular harmful effects.

It is also quite dangerous for allowing the e-pharmacy business model in the present condition. It’s just like playing with the public health and safety for mere commercial benefits of quite fewer entities.

Medicines: Boon or Ban?

Medicine dispensing system also needs doctors as prescribers, pharmacists as dispensers and patients in terms of consumers. It is not like that of a grocery store or cloth which is directly brought online without anyone’s consultancy.

It’s quite observed recently that some of the online pharmacies are either directly or indirectly supplying drugs which are prevented by means of drug laws. It is being done without any kind of strict adherence of the prescribed rules.

Over one hand government is enacting for newer rules and regulations for control over the misuse of the narcotic and psychotropic substances which are based upon the formulations and misuse of anti-biotics. Over the other hand it might be available freely on the so called online pharmacies.

This kind of indiscriminate and uncontrolled selling of the drugs may quite prove to be hazardous to public health. According to Shinde, survival of the smaller pharmacies and dependent families, staff and ancillary services providers may quite prove to be dangerous for the online medical trade.

Employment in this particular sector may all be put together and may be crossing fewer crores and that nowhere in the advanced countries being freely permitted, he added.

This freely available pharmacies proves to be an important factor of the misuse of medicines by normal public. Thus, it will increase the drug resistant germs in future and hence the effect of anti-biotics over the same will be nullified.

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