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Android Nougat: Displayed by Google for Nexus devices

Unveiling Android Nougat for the case of Nexus devices and rolling out full version of the same. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Google recently announced the launch of latest version of android named as Android 7.0 Nougat.

Earlier the version had been released in beta mode for the Nexus devices. But recently it has released the full version for these same Nexus devices.

Android N was unveiled during Google I/O being organized in May and its corresponding name was revealed in June.

Soon the newer Nexus hardware will also be running Android Nougat. Even LG will be launching the first Nougat smart phone with LG V20 on 6th September.

Source: Go Cartoon

Some of the Feature Likely to be in Android Nougat:

  1. Refined Quick Settings button: Android Nougat will be bringing the small key quick actions which will be available by single pull down from the top. Swiping down once for toggling on the airplane mode, turning on the flashlight or enabling the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  2. Clearing all option: Android is doing an amazing job over managing the running applications. Some of these includes shutting down the apps and thus keeping things run smoothly. Clearing all applications option will now be available at the top right of the task switcher display.
  3. Multi-window support: This feature will be of great use for the Pixel C tablet owners. It will even be useful for the larger screen smart phones which include the Nexus 6P. Samsung has also provided the ability of using two applications at same time over the display. One can also view two of the chrome tabs at same time by choosing the option of move to another windows while browsing with chrome. One will also be able to drag and drop text and images between the windows.
  4. Direct Reply notifications: This capability was also provided previously by means of android manufacturers. Thus it becomes available of staying with the current application and leaving a reply to someone without leaving your current application.
  5. Updated Settings: More information will be now displayed over the first settings display which includes data usage, setting status, battery remaining and many more.
  6. Quick multi-tasking: Simply by means of double tapping over the recent apps button one can toggle between the current app and most recent application. Thus it is one of the other means of efficiency improvement which we see in Android Nougat.
  7. Grouped Notifications: It is even provided with facility of grouped notifications which are available from the same application. These notifications are grouped together over in a notification shade. One can use a two finger swipe for expanding this individual notifications.

This latest platform for Android includes an all new emoji for the Unicode 9 standard.

It also supports about 100 newer languages and also multilingual options. New accessibility feature and a newer simpler Android for Work toggle. Nougat is thus changing the way in which Android works in several fundamental ways.

Multi-tasking tool can help you for using two apps side by side. This will enable to read one of the article online while working over text messaging over the side bar.

Nougat will also be allowing to add emergency information like your allergies and blood type. This feature can be viewed even from the lock screen in case of an emergency.

Quick Settings into Android Nougat:

One can now also drag and drop quick settings into the arrangement which they prefer. One can get access to the most used quick notifications directly from the top of the notification shade.

This can be done without pulling the drawer all the way down. Clear all options has been reinstalled in the application overview menu.

The Vulkan API has greatly increased the 3D graphics capabilities of the phone. It is having a VR mode which is one of the part of the Google’s Daydream initiative will be allowing to launch the applications into the VR mode without going through the separate app like Cardboard or Oculus.

Newer JIT compiler is provided. This will make apps to take up lesser space for the case of quick installs and even booting operations.

Devices will no longer be sitting for about hours while optimizing apps after every update of Android. Downloading apps over background for the updates of the operating system.

Some of the initiatives added into the operating system will be easier to notice which includes:

  1. Ability for blocking numbers for the case of calling and texting which will be added as a part of the Android itself. It can be used directly via OS platform instead of relying over the telco.
  2. More complete and built-up file manager.
  3. Powerful file based encryption.
  4. Ability for giving and revoking the app’s access to the specific files and folders. It will be granted instead of simply granting or denying it ‘storage access’.

Many of the different phones are having different capabilities so they are different in time from getting updated to the latest version of Android.

This newer mobile devices will be lagging behind from getting the newer version of Android which is named as nougat.

Yet android is constantly working for keeping all of these devices up-to-date with the latest Android release.

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