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Airtel, Vodafone & Idea Presents ‘Free Unlimited Data’ Offer After Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea presents 'free unlimited data' offers: Compare Plans & New Terrif Rates from Mobile Operators. (Image courtesy: Google)

Reliance Jio has finally ended it’s free 4G scheme and has replaced the same with equally appealing offer. This offer is given with Jio Prime membership plan.

Reliance Jio is aimed at converting its existing users with attractive plan which is coming with a nominal fee of Rs. 99 and a monthly scheme of Rs. 303.

Owing to this network operators like Airtel and Vodafone who were already facing the wrath of new player in the field has tried its best to match the plan. Reliance Jio has managed for bringing down the charges of data plans in the Indian telecom sector.

Matching Jio Offer:

Rivals like Vodafone, Airtel and Idea are trying to match these plans with their own version of “free unlimited data” offer.

It is a time and era when the prices of data plans were reaching skies, Reliance has managed to bring down the prices of data. It has even managed to provide unbelievable amount of data with their move.

An underlying trend is followed by all data providers of giving up to 1 GB of free data per day. Each of the provider are trying their best for bringing the lucrative twist while making their data plans more attractive then the competitors.

Reliance Jio is offering 1 GB of data per day with a tariff plan of Rs. 303, which is having a clause of entering into Jio prime membership to avail the offer.

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Airtel is having 1GB per day (500 MB at day and 500 MB at night) with Rs 345/349 and recharge will apply for next 11 months.

Vodafone will provide 2 GB per day (1 GB at day and 1 GB at night) with a recharge of Rs. 346. Recharge will apply for next 11 months though it’s not clear yet.

Idea is offering 500 MB of data with a recharge of Rs. 348. It is not an open offer and its eligibility will be checked in My Idea app.

Reliance Jio is offering 1GB of free data per day under the Jio Prime membership plan. Telecom provider is charging Rs. 99 for the membership with the monthly plan coming to Rs. 303.

Airtel over the other hand is offering its free unlimited data at Rs. 345 or Rs. 349 based on locations.

Various Clauses:

Service provider is also giving 1GB of free data per day. Yet there’s a clause which allows users to use 500 MB in day and 500 MB of the free data at night. Another important clause includes that the recharge will only apply for next 11 months.

Vodafone is having free unlimited data offer which is very similar to Airtel when it comes to data tariff.

Telecom giant is offering its plan at Rs. 346, yet the data plan is allowing people to enjoy 2GB of free data.

Idea cellular is having least attractive plan in the race which is offering 500 MB of free data to its users at Rs. 348.

This plan is not available to all Idea customers either and will be given based on data usage of the customers. Idea is also having a separate plan for newer users where it is offering 1 GB of free data.

Reliance Jio is offering its Prime members the benefit of GB data per day at the lowest cost available of Rs. 303. This offer is only restricted to the members of Jio prime family.

Over other hand, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea is having offer for both existing users and more importantly newer customers.

All of the telecom providers are trying to enter a clause for avoiding users from jumping networks easily.

Free data plans offered by Airtel and Vodafone are quite similar while Idea is having a negative part in its offer which is providing lower data.

Another negative point for Idea is that it is not available for all, like in Airtel and Vodafone and is dependent over the data usage of the members.

It even depends upon the availability of the offer over My Idea app. This plays a negative role for telecom giant in this race for consumers.

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