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After genome, the proteome: Bangalore lab maps human protein.

Genome. Image Courtesy :- Google.

On 29th May Wednesday, two international teams have independently produced the first drafts of human proteome. The Institute of Bioinformatics (IOB), Bangalore, together with John Hopkins University, Baltimore, uncovered new protein complexities of the human genome, they identified novel proteins from regions of the genome previously thought be non-coding.

In short 72 member team of scientists, in which 46 researchers are Indians, for the first time, discovered a near complete geno and proteomic map of human beings. This should be truly a matter of pride for Indian science and scientists working in India, Their findings were published in scientific journal Nature.

Wellcome Trust, Department of Biotechnology, Indian based organization provided Rs 1.5 crore over two years for this project.

Next big thing:-

Scientists and organizations suggest this discovery might be the next big thing science was waiting for, after human genome project. Human Genome Project was all about mapping of human genome. Its information was not enough to know about functional units of human cells like enzymes and proteins. Nobody understand why and how proteins and hormones become dysfunctional, later on which results in diabetes, aging, cancerous growth.

The team analysed 30 different tissue samples from adults and foetuses to arrive at the map of proteins coded by 17,294 different genes.

More than 200 missing or unidentified proteins were labelled, by research community.

These novel proteins might help for analysis and medical diagnosis. It will help the scientists to understand, how a human cell works, which will be precious information for drug discovery.


The genomics field can now hugely benefit from this proteomics data as this study could change the way in which cancers and heart problems are diagnosed.

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