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Suyash Dixit Declares Himself the King Of Disputed Territory in Africa

Suyash Dixit went to extreme lengths to crown himself the king. image courtesy :- google

An Indian man has declared himself the “king” of an unclaimed plot of land in North Africa.

Suyash Dixit dubbed Bir Tawil, the 800-square-mile patch of disputed land between Egypt and Sudan the “Kingdom of Dixit,” according to a post last week on his Facebook page, in which he added a “life event” that he became “ruler of a country.”

“I call myself, King Suyash First from today,” he said in a post on Nov. 6, along with several photos of himself at Bir Tawil, where he planted a personalized red and yellow flag.

“I declare this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil as my country from now to the eternity of time. I pledge to continue to work for the prosperity of my people of the country and this motherland,” Dixit wrote.

The young explorer said he named his father “president” of the land as a “birthday gift,” went on the write: “This is no joke, I own a country now! Time to write an email to UN.”

Dixit, who hails from the Indian city of Indore, detailed his “epic” journey in the lengthy post, saying how “We drove for 6 hours straight in the middle of the desert and barren lands and crossing 1 military base to the location.”

“We saw pure sand dunes, rocky hills, and canyons on our way,” he added.

Dixit claimed the route he took is “under Egyptian military” and “is an area of terrorists so military have a ‘shoot at sight’ orders. But, if your bucket list ideas are not scary enough then they are not worth trying!”

“In this epic voyage, there were times we thought the car just cannot make any far from here or we don’t have enough fuel now or we just don’t have time to cross that hill but a little courage and some math is all you need sometimes,” Dixit wrote.

Dixit is not the first to try the land grab. In 2014, Jeremiah Heaton of Virginia claimed the land as his own in order to fulfill his daughter’s dreams of being a princess.

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