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60 per cent of MDR TB patients of Maharashtra live in Mumbai

Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest diseases of the human society. Many people from India fall in this disease every year. The multiple drug resistant or MDR patients are more difficult to be cured. In 2015 there have been 5,000 cases of MDR tuberculosis recorded in Maharashtra. The most important fact is 3,000 out of the total count were from Mumbai. That means 60 percent of total tuberculosis patients live in Mumbai and that is why this city is supposed to be the epicenter of tuberculosis disease in the western part of India.

More hospitals and TB treatment clinics are to be opened in Mumbai:

The overgrowing number of MDR TB patients has led the Sewri Tuberculosis Hospital which is one of the largest TB treatment hospitals of Asia, to suggest to open more TB treatment centres in Mumbai with proper in-patient facility. It has also been suggested to open the centres in every place so that the patients can avail the proper treatment at the  shortest distance. This suggestion has been made to control the spread of the disease also. Presently the patients from Borivali have to travel long 40 kilometers to reach the Sewri medical facility. On the other hand the patients from Vashi, Navi Mumbai have to travel more. More would be the traveling distance; more would be the possibility of spreading of this disease. That is why it has been suggested to open the TB treatment facilities at all suburbs.

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The present facility is not enough:

According to Dr Rajendra T Nanavare, medical superintendent of the Group of TB Hospitals, Sewri it has been stated that there are 5,000 MDR TB cases in Maharashtra among the total 25,000 MDR cases in India and out of the 5,000 cases 60 percent are from Mumbai itself. However there is not enough facility to treat that much of patients. There are only 200 beds allotted for the MDR patients in the hospital and among the beds are always booked. That is why there is a need to increase the strength of the TB treatment facility in this state. He has also mentioned that the poor living conditions, existence of slums, and migration are the main reasons for this high TB burden. He has told that the TB treatment facilities should be made decentralized so that all patients from every corner of the state would be able to avail the proper treatment at proper time.

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