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Nearly 200 Detained In Tamil Nadu’s Madurai Over Jallikattu Protests

Around 200 detained for protests in Tamil Nadu. (Image courtesy: Google)

About 200 people have been detained by police in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai district while protesting the Supreme Court Ban on Jallikatu and hence demanding that the bull taming festival be held.

Protest which lasted overnight has happened in a small town which is called Alanganallur.

Superintendent of police in Madurai says, “Around 200 people have been taken into preventive custody. They had assembled unlawfully, despite several warnings by the police. They will be released soon.”

Jallikattu or bull taming which is also referred to as Eruthazhuvuthal locally is practiced in Tamil Nadu as a part of the Pongal celebrations.

Supreme Court has imposed a ban over the practice currently while citing animal welfare issues. It has remained banned for last three years.

Animal rights activists has appealed against the centuries-old tradition at the Supreme Court while citing atrocities to the bulls as a reason.

Advocate and Animal Rights Activist, Rudra Krishna says, “you basically see bulls having tails bitten, being stabbed with sickles, agitated, stuff rubbed into their eyes with twenty people jumping on him.”

Recently even the war of words has even broken out between the DMK Working President MK Stalin and animal rights non-profit PETA over the Jallikattu issue.

Its leader is calling the animal rights NGO as “anti-national” and group calling the criticism “cheap and ineffective”.

He further added, “Centre should immediately ban the international NGO PETA which is against our culture and is antinational.”

He even favored replacing the Animal Welfare Board of India which is a different body with more Tamil representation in it.

While hitting back, PETA says Stalin’s criticism was “cheap and ineffective” and that supporting “cruelty” is “Un-Indian”.

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